Nyanko Pajamas is a happy and optimistic girl who is also a cat. Her housemates seek her level-headed wisdom and wiccan sovereignty in times of turmoil. She plays the gentle sensible foil to Bloopy Watanabe's innocent hijinks, and never forgets to remind Batperson to respect the opinions and beliefs of each new culture they encounter on their adventures.

Religion: Sorcery
Roman Zodiac: Virgo (Libra ascending)
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Dog
Blood Type AB+
Breast size: C (When sympathetically stimulated, Nyanko can reach Double-D to E-cup... Though, this only happens when she is thinking about kittens.)

--Additional information--

ANGEL FORM: Not much is known about Nyanko's angel form, it is said that her speed and power are greatly increased, and her hair grows longer and striates into a rainbow spectrum. One thing that is know is that she can only attain her angel form when under extreme duress or when her friends are threaten.


Bloopie Watanabe is a serious-minded individual. His intelligence is brilliant, but his mind is heavy with the burdon of wordly woes; thus, he indulges himself by withdrawing into video games whenever possible. His body is riddled with nanites which grant him several advantages, however, these nanites were created by the powerful and unethical Fairchilde Corporation, and their true purpose is unknown.

Religion: Transhumanism
Date of Birth: Stardate 41254.7
Ethnicity: Irish-American
Sexuality: Pansexual

--Additional information--

NANITE POWERS: Bloopie's nanites grant him a potent healing factor as well as the ability to emit concentrated pulses of chroniton particles. These abilities seem to be strongest when Bloopie is in a calm state of controlled emotions, however, they occasionally surge wildly out of control ever since his girlfriend's miscarriage.


Batperson is a faggot who escaped from prison and pretends to be a vigilante. He spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his fists... and your plan is to blackmail this person? Good luck.

Religion: Church of the Animal Christ
Birth year: The Nixon era
Blood type: Anal

--Additional information--

SECRET IDENTITY: The same as his regular identity, except it's a secret.


Ever since the fall of Zion, Cthulhu-Jesus has been trying to do the same thing as most of the other lost deities: just lead a normal, Earthly life. While he almost never pays his rent on time, his roommates usually appreciate his drug-addled whimsy.

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