Frequently Asked Questions

What is this "Totally Radical Couch Buddies" thing about, anyway?
Totally Radical Couch Buddies (or "TRCB," as it is frequently abbreviated) is an online comic ostensibly about couches, buddies, drastic political reforms, totalitarianism, video games, butts, little robots, and the problems that face ordinary roommates sharing an apartment together. For a more detailed explanation why not check out the WikiPedia page?

How often does it update?
TRCB updates every day at exactly 00:35, so check back often. If you don't see any new content, just keep hitting your Refresh button until something happens.

Who are the people responsible for this? I MUST KNOW
TRCB is written by three skilled fiction authors: Brian Raddatz, Jerk Douglas, and the other guy. We were born in Toad Suck, Arkansas, where we have been sentenced to live out the rest of our days. We are married to our jobs, the church, and each other. We like to keep bunnies, but Jhoh keeps breaking them.

How do you make TRCB?
During the writing process, Brian handles matters concerning the overarching storyline, Jerk deals with character interactions, and Jhoh writes the filler arcs. The process spans many sleepless, caffiene-addled days. After the writing is finished, the scripts are handed over to our artists: character line artist Iino Yumi, colorist Fujiwara Miharu, and background artist Nakashima Nanaho. These three lovely and large-breasted ladies are only allowed a span of four hours to complete each comic before their pay is docked. After this, the comics are handed over to our web developers: html and css coder Backslash, web designer and colorist Rootkit, and abberant hyperlink wrangler SSJ7SephirothNaruto420. Finally, the whole shebang is handed over to our marketing department which consist of our American marketing supervisor Dick Harrison, our overseas marketing supervisor Nadya Chernyovskaya, and last but not least, our youth marketing director The Television Shark. Each of these individuals plays a crucial and irreplacable role in the comic process, and if anything were to happen to any one of them, TRCB would unravel at the seams.

Are you a trained artist?
The Television Shark studied art and design at Yale University.

How much time has passed in the comic?
We don't keep an exact count but I estimate that almost 6,000,000,000 years have passed within TRCB. The pas is really fast. Sorry! You have my sincerest and most remorseful apologies for the span of time in this comic!!!

When did you start doing TRCB
The earliest Totally Radical Couch Buddies strips have been carbon dated and placed at about 340 BC.

I heard you make a living off of this comic. How does that work?
The Television Shark makes a living off of the comic's ad space and merchandising.

I want to start a webcomic of my own. Any tips?
Here's a tip: don't piss in the wind.

Will you link to my comic/blog/twitter/whatever?
If you're looking for a site that indiscriminantly links to all manner of terrible webpages, try Google.

Can I be your friend on facebook?
Questions concerning facebook should be directed to our youth marketing director.

Who hosts your site? Who did the co
Dude, the webhosting service is linked right at the bottom of every page! Pay attention!

I emailed you and you never responded! What gives!
Unfortunately, our email provider has a spam filter which automatically deletes any email with the word "penis" in the subject line, resulting in the loss of over 90% of our fan mail. Sorry! You have my sincerest and most remorseful apologies for the failure to respond to your email!!!

You mentioned you had a music degree? What the balls?
That was actually a lie that we told to pick up chicks.

Are you ever going to put out a printed collection?
Totally Radical Couch Buddies Dot Com does not endorse or promote the sensless murder of innocent trees.

What happened to [character name]? Are you going to bring him/her back?
Our legal department has advised against it.

Who is Pizza Girl?
Your mother was a pizza girl, three times last night.

What is the purpose of TRCB?
Our goal is to produce the highest quality webcomic at an affordable price.

Okay, but what is the REAL purpose of TRCB?
The true goal of this comic is to undermine the authority of the American government by promoting awareness through our art.

What beef do you have with the American government?
The American government is composed entirely of space alien lizard men who are controlling our minds. They do this through the water system by introducing a powerful psychotropic drug called Fluoride.

If there were space alien lizard men, wouldn't our scientists know about it?
Science is just one of the many religions that the lizard men propogate in order to keep us blinded to the truth of their existence.

What kinds of religions are fabricated by the lizard men?
All human religions are inventions of the lizard men. As you can see in the image below, all religions owe their origins to Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler was, himself, an abberant lizard man.

How can I see the lizard men?
You can see them through the use of hallucinogenic drugs. However, this will only reveal the fourth-dimensional lizard men, and not the third-dimensional lizard men.

What does this have to do with gender dimorphism?
All women are born without souls, whereas only 50% of men are born without souls. The purpose of soulless women is to spread suffering and disease to men, and to keep them distracted with the miseries of marriage, childbearing and disgusting sexual acts so that we cannot stumble upon the truth of the lizard men.

What does this have to do with black people?
Black people are the result of a genetic experiment performed by the lizard men in an ettempt to create earthly vessels for them to inhabit. The project was abandoned, due to a genetic flaw that causes black people's eyeballs to pop out. Observe the following proof that lizard men exist:

What does this have to do with red-headed people?
Red-heads are the current model of earthly bodies inhabited by the lizard men. Observe the following proof that lizard men exist:

Where are these experiments performed?
The lizard men do much of their research in a concentration camp that exists underneath the Denver International Airport. It has an eight-level military base and includes a gas chamber.

What does this have to do with Sonny Bono?
Sonny Bono had aspiritions to run for president in order to attempt to undermine the authority of the lizard people. For this reason, he was assassinated on the ski slopes by the J. Edgar Hoover homosexual hit squad, the same hit squad responsible for the assassination of JFK.

What other things have the lizard people done to oppress us?
They have withheld numerous cures for cancer, and they set the sun spinning rapidly so that it looks like a sphere and we can't tell that it is actually a cube. They have also covered up the existence of Hollow Earth.

How do you have access to all of this knowledge?
It is difficult to explain. The Earth exists in four simultaneous days rotate in one same 24 hour period.

Isn't that the same thing as time zones?

What other experiments are being performed by the lizard men?
The lizard men have flown military jets over a small town of 700 people in Michigan. At this point, it began to rain, even though the sky was clear. The rain was not made of water, though, but it was a clear goo composed of human white blood cells which contained some kind of animal nucleus. Everyone in town was afflicted with flue-like symptoms, and several pets that came in contact with the rain soon died. It rained six times.


Hey! You delected my political discussion topic from your forums! What gives??
Topics about politics are not allowed in our forums because they aggravate our depression.

What is the record number of dudes you've managed to fit into a phone booth?
Using a quantum destabilizer we fit seven dudes into a phone booth. This absolutely creamed the previous record of six dudes in a phone booth. Local fraternities are are beating up their nerdy pledges in an attempt to replicate and perfect our technology as we speak.

I find your opinions and imagery to be offensive and oft reprehensible, I'm not certain I can cotton to your shenanigans.
At TRCB incorporated, we like to push the envelope. And we push that envelope so far THAT IT FALLS RIGHT OFF OF THE DESK!!!

My email was responded to, but you called me a "newbie" in it, and each instance of the letter "S" in said reply, was replaced with a dollar-sign. Using the above data: a) What are the concievable causal ramifications of such a response? b) At what time could the train be expected in New York?

Hey, I have some ideas for your comic, can I email you them?

Sheesh! How many questions does this faq have, anyway?

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